Outlet Centre Performance Report Europe 2023 – PRE-ORDER!!


Basic Research in Retail and Real Estate Development

The report is based on a Europe-wide survey of international brand manufacturers on the economic performance of the individual stores they operate in the various outlet centres. This survey is conducted annually and the results are updated accordingly.

In addition to a complete ranking of the single outlet centres according to their economic performance and the tenants’ assessment of the performance of individual operators, the importance of specific location and property criteria when renting outlet stores was surveyed again for the first time since 2016. What is important for expansion managers? The turnover or market potential? The so-called “retail sensitivity”? The centre concept? The operator… or other aspects? The respondents were also asked about the most pressing problems currently facing the operation of outlet stores. As in the past, brand manufacturers provided information on the profitability of outlet stores compared to their own full-price stores in city centres or their own online stores. The target countries for future expansion, the number of planned openings and closures and, most recently, whether it is or was right to withdraw from the Russian market in view of the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine.

Made in cooperation with magdus, Sahune (F)
Portfolio of Evaluation 2023: 197 Outlet Centres in Europe
110 Pages
The report will be published approx. end of March / beginning of April 2024