The following lectures by ecostra are available for free download as PDF- or as video-files.

23. June 2021
Target-oriented Retail Trade Development. Requirements for Municipal Retail Trade Concepts
Lecture at the gif-webinar for Austria on 23 June 2021 on the new guideline "Quality Criteria for Retail Reports" | ca. 5.450 KB
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01. June 2021

Impact Analyses in the Area of Conflict between a pleasing Opinion and a proper Basis for Decision-Making

Lecture at the gif-webinar on 01 June 2021 on the new guideline "Quality Criteria for Retail Reports" | ca. 5.358 KB

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06. May 2019

Shopping Centres from a Retailer's Point of View. Which Centre Types are better, which are worse and why?

Lecture at the BIIS Retail Real Estate Conference in Frankfurt on 06 May 2019 | ca. 5.396 KB

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29. November 2018

Outlet Boom without End - How much Space is there left? Status, Development and Perspectives of the Market for Outlet Centres in Germany and Europe

Lecture at the 5th German Factory Outlet Congress on 29 November 2018 in Leipzig | ca. 16.325 KB

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09. November 2016

Outlet Centres in Europe - Current Market Developments and relevant Benchmarks for Investors

Lecture at the Real Estate Funds Forum on 09 November 2016 in Königstein im Taunus (video, partial excerpt)

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09. September 2015

Shopping Centres: Who is successful? Who has Problems? - Results and findings from the Shopping Center Performance Report Germany 2014

Lecture at the 1st Cologne Valuers' Day on 09 September 2015 in Cologne

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28. November 2012

Where are we? What do we know? - Current situation and development trends of FOCs in Europe

Lecture at the 2nd German Factory Outlet Congress in Neumünster on 28.11.2012 | ca. 7.525 KB

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