Image Analyses - determining positioning in the competitive environment

As retail trade locations, towns and municipalities are finding themselves in an increasingly competitive situation. This makes itself felt both in changes in the centrality and, therefore, the importance of a town as a shopping destination and - on a smaller scale - in changes in the quality of the store occupancy on a shopping street.

Expanding one's share of the market and for safeguarding the market position one has already achieved, it is important to recognize trends in the behaviour and general opinion of consumers very early on. Public authorities, in particular, are now increasingly working with the same "know-how" that leading trading enterprises and shopping center operators employ, with verifiable success. Improve your market cultivation too through an ecostra Image Analysis.

The ecostra Image Analysis for a (inner-) city or a town examines, among others, the following aspects:

  • Analysis of strengths and weaknesses (e.g. special product range competences; a lack of certain sectors or retail suppliers) based on data including a polarity profile
  • Evaluation of a variety of attributes (e.g. accessibility to traffic, available parking space, sojourn quality, service and/or consultancy quality, opening times, range of goods / variety of choice, presentation of goods, price level, special offers / events, range of restaurants / services, safety, cleanliness)
  • Importance of competing centers or locations in the context of shopping decisions
  • Reasons for shopping visits and shopping frequency
  • Sources of information on the local retail trade supply (e.g. leaflets / flyers, word of mouth, daily / weekly newspaper, radio)
  • Presentation of the results of the relevant image factors of the object under study, as well as evaluation of its competitive position within the catchment area

If desired, such an Image Analysis can also be supplemented by the processing of specific market data, e.g. an analysis of the current population and purchasing power potentials, as well as the demographic segmentation in the catchment area (including a forecast of developments up to 2015).

What benefits does an ecostra Image Analysis bring?

  • Well-researched information on the introduction of measures to eliminate existing weak points and to specifically market strong points
  • Detailed basic data on working out a "Unique Selling Proposition" (USP) and to thus lastingly position oneself within the regional competitive environment
  • The creation of an objective starting point from which it is possible to follow how well, for example, new marketing measures are accepted on the market and how they affect the image of the town or municipality under study. This minimises scatter losses and enables the targeted, strategic allocation of resources
  • Application of the results e.g. within the framework of communication policies towards one's own resident population, customers and visitors, local businesses (particularly retail traders) and in the framework of business development measures to attract new enterprises.

You won't just receive "dead figures" from us, but competently researched and annotated reports which you can use directly for town marketing and business development in your work.

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