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  • High Street Performance Report Germany. Tenant Survey 2020

    Basic research in retail and real estate development
    This study is based on a similar research approach as the Shopping Centre Performance Report. Retail, gastronomy and service chain stores with locations in the main inner-city high streets of Germany’s larger cities were surveyed.
    In addition to the main question on the economic performance of the shops in the respective high streets, topics related to the Covid-19 pandemic and future demand of sites and floorspace are also addressed.
    The report offers unique insights into the situation and development of Germany’s most important inner-city high streets and thus represents an important information basis not only for the real estate industry and the retail sector, but also for municipal economic development and urban development planning.
    Prepared in cooperation with and the BTE Federal Textile Association

    Valuation portfolio 2020: 261 high streets in 128 cities

    130 Pages


    Member companies of the retail associations (HDE, EHV, BTE etc.) receive a special discount of 30 % on the retail price when ordering. Orderers who wish to take advantage of this discount should note their association membership in the field “Comments on order”.




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