The big ecostra Outlet Centre Handbook Europe 2014


Centre Profiles. Market Data. Operators / Developers / Investors. Experts Essays
At the core of the 500 pages strong manual are detailed center profiles of all Outlet Centers in Europe, which were in operation in 2017. Prepared in a concise form is inter alia
  • a cartographic overview of the locations and spatial distribution of all Outlet Centers in the different European countries
  • basic data for each center with information on sales area, gross leasable area (GLA), opening date, developers, operators, etc.
  • information on tenant mix with number of outlet stores, occupancy rate, brand selection, etc.
  • contact addresses of the center, the center management and leasing agency
In addition, various aspects of the development of national outlet markets, challenges of leasing, the specific architecture, building and planning laws, requirements for due diligence process and the experience of institutional investors with this new form of distribution of retail trade are dealt with in contributions of various experts. Essays are contributed inter alia by
  • Beatrice Pubellier, BrandCity Outlet Centre (Moscow)
  • Eduardo Ceballos Fernandez, Neinver (Madrid)
  • Thomas Reichenauer, ROS Retail Outlet Shopping GmbH (Vienna)
  • Adrian Nelson, McArthurGlen Group (London)
  • Prof. Christoph Achammer, ATP Architects & Engineers (Innsbruck)

This study is an indispensable tool for all who deal with the establishment, development, approval, leasing and financing of outlet centers.

No. of center profiles 2014: 157 Outlet Centers in Europe
475 Pages