Shoppingcenter Performance Report Austria. Tenant Survey 2024 – PRE-ORDER!!


Basic research in retail and real estate development
Ranking and evaluation of 156 shopping centers (shopping malls and retail parks) in Austria based on a tenant survey (sales or expansion managers) to the performance of their stores in the single centers. Portfolio of evaluation 2024: 156 shopping center (97 shopping-malls + 59 retail parks).

For each individual shopping centre, tenants were asked how satisfied they were with the turnover generated there and the result was then translated into a centre ranking. This ranking then also shows: who is at the top or who has satisfied tenants and who is at the bottom or has dissatisfied tenants. However, the survey programme goes even further. The report also sheds light on the following points:

  • Who is the best performing shopping centre operator in Austria from the perspective of the tenants surveyed?
  • Have tenants succeeded in negotiating longer-term rent reductions over the last three years? If so, what was the order of magnitude of these rent reductions?
  • Is the availability of sales staff seen as a problem in the operation of the shops? If so, how big is the problem? Would a reduction in opening hours be a suitable means of preventing staff shortages?
  • How many new shops are planned to open in Austria in the next 12 months? How many are to be closed? Which locations are targeted for further expansion? Is it the ‘greenfield’? Is it the high street?
  • How is the general business development of the shops in the shopping centres compared to that of the shops in the high streets?
  • Who would the tenants choose if they could rent out a shopping centre themselves? Is it Hofer or Lidl? Is it Zara or H&M? Is it Fielmann or Pearle? Is it…

Exciting results and findings on the situation and development of the Austrian retail landscape await you.

170 Pages
This report will be published approx. mid / end of July 2024. Pre-Orders are already possible!