Retail Expansion in Germany 2020


Survey on site selection, object and location criteria of market actors
In this basic research, the expansion plans and the specific location and property criteria of expanding companies in retail and the consumer-oriented services have been studied and shown clearly arranged.
The report is specifically aimed at local economic developers and city planning offices, but also of great benefit for private developers, operators, real estate agents and investors. It serves as a practical tool with specific information and data to what is happening on the expansion side. So in an immediate and targeted way possible users for an empty object, a piece of land or a development project can be addressed on that basis.

Representatives of public authorities (e.g. urban planning, economic development, city management), the chambers of industry and commerce as well as the retail associations receive when ordering this study a discount on the retail price of 50%. If you are entitled to receive this special discount, please mention this when ordering in the field “Remarks to the Order”.

Number of expansion profiles 2020: 240 companies
280 Pages
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