Center Development

…IN THE PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT OF SHOPPING AND SPECIALISED RETAIL CENTER Feasibility studies The ecostra feasibility study involves an expansion of the analytical steps in a market and … Weiterlesen

Investment Decisions

…FOR EVALUATING AND SAFEGUARDING INVESTMENT DECISION Market and location analyses to supplement fair market value or hypothecary value reports It is not just since the "credit crunch" of … Weiterlesen

Approval Procedures

…FOR APPROVAL PROCEDURES FOR LARGE-SCALE RETAIL PROJECTS Compatibility or Impact Analyses For retail trade projects which count as large-scale – i.e. with a sales area exceeding 800 m² … Weiterlesen

Location Development

…AIMED AT DEVELOPING LOCATIONS AND PROMOTING BUSINESS Retail Trade Structure Analyses The basis for all target-oriented, as well as lasting, development and positioning is having precise knowledge of … Weiterlesen

Private Sector

…AIMED AT DEVELOPING LOCATIONS AND PROMOTING BUSINESS Market and Location Analyses The market opportunities and risks are analysed in detail for a planned location. The work programme for … Weiterlesen


Standortentwicklung… zur Entwicklung bzw. der Optimierung der Standorte und zur Stärkung der Marktpositionmehr erfahren Genehmigungsverfahren…für Genehmigungsverfahren von großflächigem Einzelhandelmehr erfahren Investitionsentscheidungen…zur Bewertung und Absicherung von Investitionsentscheidungenmehr erfahren Nahversorgung… … Weiterlesen

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Understanding markets An economically successful and lasting development of business properties requires a variety of different measures. Thorough expert reports, well-grounded location analyses, strategically mature utilization concepts… And, … Weiterlesen


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